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    Various wild flowers blossom in rock cavities as though specially placed there as part of some artistic arrangement. The national park is also home to various wildlife species, including deer, wild boars, monkeys, weasels, snakes, turtles and pangolins, many of which were listed in the Red Book.Besides, you can also walk along the winding stone streets, cross the lush orchards, and sit in the garden of honey tea and listen to the folk songs.It has a kind of gelatinous texture and tastes strongly of the meat or egg mixture inside. It’s makes for a very colorful looking snack.Over nearly one century, the Sanctuary is the place where generations of birds are born, usually in the rainy season, and developed. There are currently some 40,000 birds and 5,000 nests, according to preliminary statistics. The attraction of the festival has attracted many tourists and the media. Everyone attending the festival will have the opportunity to witness the big, healthy cows that run together on the track, which is a field that has just been reaped with mud.From the original sesarmid, the chef can make so many dishes. The simplest is salty sesarmid. Only needed to be cleaned, shredded, mixed with sugar, chili, garlic, salt, and lemon, the strong in flavor sesarmid can now be served with white rice.In addition, the details of the dragon phoenix twist, soft, meticulous. Curving roof, looking from a distance, we can think of being lost in an ancient temple only overseas.
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