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    CSR Racing 2 (Mod, Free Shopping) sets a new standard in graphics for car games. This game promises to bring surreal drag races in the palm of your hand. You'll compete in races against live players around the world with custom-built supercars, including LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Koenigsegg One:1, and many more. Tune and customize your rides for top speeds and gain a competitive edge in global crew events.

    Fair and fun race

    CSR Racing 2 built by NaturalMotionGames Ltd brings excellent levels of emotions. This game has reached more than 130 million downloads on Google Play with positive reviews from players. The game has a lot of options in the vehicle system that players can explore. Everything in the game is carefully invested, showing extremely modern facilities.


    There is no point in CSR Racing 2. “Perfect” is something I commend, from the interior to the beautifully designed roads. Part 2 of the game is an impressive upgrade of its predecessor , with realistic graphics, sharp images, high image quality, attractive gameplay, many famous supercars, etc. There are many reasons to you download this game to your phone. In particular, part 2 also has an augmented reality (AR) mode.

    Special Features - Steal someone else's car

    Every aspect of CSR Racing 2 is taken care of in every detail. The main characters are not legendary heroes, but shiny supercars. The game converges all super cars, helping to relieve the passion of those who love speed. Each car has been recreated in an amazingly realistic way. When the camera pans across the garage to help players admire the shiny curves from all directions, every car looks extremely polished and new as if it had just been brought into the showroom.


    When you touch the bonnet to open, you will see every detail of the engine clearly. You can also open the door to see the luxurious interior of the car . Furthermore, when using the AR model to bring the cars to life, you can also tilt the phone and zoom in for a clearer view.

    Like the first version of CSR Racing 2, players need to step on the gas as soon as the clock reaches zero for the car to start quickly. Then you will need to shift the gear lever when the indicator needle turns green, and then pump more nitrogen in time.

    You need to win continuously to make a name for yourself with street racing gangs. Their respect will make you famous, and you will soon realize that there are other people watching your progress. In the end, you will earn the right to go up against a leader in that field. If you beat them three times, you will have a chance to steal their car.

    Great graphics make you enjoy playing the game


    CSR 2 has excellent 3D rendering technology . Players can customize the interior decoration of any vehicle. Textured bench graphics with nice resolution. The graphics have some improvements compared to its predecessor, giving players a realistic racing experience.

    Download CSR Racing 2 Apk + Mod for your android

    if you like similar games you can search at modapk. CSR Racing 2 is a serial version that adds loads of interesting and engaging content. This is truly a perfect game, crafted by the talented hands of the development team of NaturalMotionGames Ltd.

    Without upgrading your car, the next race will be even more difficult and you can earn money by buying parts. However, my sincere advice is to use the MOD version. It brings a huge amount of money to the racers and you can unlock and upgrade any of your favorite products.

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