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    Sometimes in life, you can find joy in simple, light things without being too fussy or complicated. Dr. Driving (Mod, Unlimited Money) is an entertaining simulation game with a driving theme, which is typical for many people. However, driving in real life and driving online are two completely different things!


    Dr. Driving will give you the feeling of driving a real car. The game will equip you with the steering wheel, gear lever, accelerator, and of course, the brake pedal. And with the same manipulations as driving a real car.

    With the accelerator pedal, you will move forward and brake if you want to stop. You can also turn the steering wheel to turn in the direction you want. In addition, equipped with a gear lever, you can fully perform forward, reverse, free-drop, and stop-parking operations.


    There are 3 main game modes in the game: to play Online with other random players, play with friends, and compete by car model. The game modes are almost similar; the only difference is who you will play with. You and 1 other player will compete against each other to see who can go the farthest and score the most points to become the overall winner.

    There are many types of cars in Dr Driving mod game android, and you can unlock them to experience them. You can also upgrade your car to become more powerful to make the races more attractive. In addition to each vehicle, it also owns its own durability, and it will gradually decrease during the car's operation.

    The graphics in the game are designed to be extremely simple but still fully meet the car's functions you need to drive. Cars with countless different models are stunning, with abilities depending on their rank. The street in the game is designed but still full of functions; the passages or the traffic lights are similar to the actual road.

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