DVD liền màn hình Chtechi theo xe forte 2013 tại THANHTUNGAUTO

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    DVD liền màn hình Chtechi theo xe forte 2013 tại THANHTUNGAUTO
    DVD liền màn hình Chtechi theo xe forte 2013
    *16: 9 high definition 7"TFT LCD Digital touch screen, 800*480.
    *Fixed panel design, screen's angle adjustable in dash installation with double DIN size.
    *Unique designed circuitry of standby function to ensure the more durability of battery.
    *Built-in Bluetooth/USB, SD interface/DVD/FM/AM/TV/AV/RDS function.
    *Built-in GPS.
    *Full function touch button.
    *Detecting radar, rearview mirror function available.
    *External steering wheel control function.
    *Compatibility with DVD, VCD, CD, MP4, MP3, CD-RRW etc.
    *Stable electronic-anti-shock and mechanical-anti-shock.
    *Automatic identification of PAL, NTSC, SECAM systems.
    *2 channel AV output, very easy to connect with external AV device and compose a perfect car AV entertainment system.
    *52 x 4W High power output. AUX input.
    *4 channels TV antenna input, receive good and stable TV program in the car.
    *Hand break detecting function, which switches off the TFT display automatically to ensure the safety during driving.
    *Auto switch to the backing car display status when backing a car, if external camera is available the car rear status can be seen on the screen in real time to ensure the safety.
    *Auto detects the small light switch function: If the small light is on, the light of keys will be on and the TFT screen will switch to night mode automatically.
    Optional Functions: iPod, Digital TV, Digital LCD, MAP.
    Accessories: Power cable, user manual, remote, touch pen, USB cable, fitting kits, GPS antenna (optional)
    *Hotline: 0903.22.333.1
    *Website: www.thanhtungauto.com
    car_dvd_chtechi_forte.jpg car_dvd_chtechi_forte_kup.jpg car_dvd_player_chtechi_for_kia_k3(1).jpg flyaudio_forte.jpg forte.jpg foter_highsky.jpg

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