How to install I-tip hair extensions?

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    Besides tape in and clip in hair extension, I tip hair extension is another common type thanks to the lightweight, cheap price and long lasting. In this post, we will discuss how to install I-tip hair extensions, hopefully these instructions to install I-tip hair extensions could help you get insight into this kind of hair extension.

    The application of I tip hair extension is quite more painstaking process than other types of hair extension. For these reasons, we will instruct you step by steps.

    Step 1. Start with a clean hair

    That’s an old adage but important. Many people start the hair extension without cleaning or washing it because they believe that their hair clean enough (?!) In fact, there’s certain oil amount produced by your scalp every day so if you don’t clean your hair first, the oil in the roots of your hair can hurdle the hair extension bonds (even you cannot feel the oil). For that reason, washing your hair first is necessary to get a strong hair extension and let you enjoy the comfortable feelings when applying the hair extension (who else want an unexpected itch?)

    Hair conditioning after washing also make contribution. The hair after hair conditioning are moisturized, detangle and soft, which is easy to apply any hair extensions. However, you should rinse well after using hair condition, a little hair conditioner left could make the process to applying I tip more difficult.

    Step 2. Sectioning your hair.

    Notice: All the process of I tip application should be done by professional.

    This is an adage that as old as hills, for the newcomers to hair extension, you always work with hair layers, not the bundle of your real hair. In this step, you should grasp the top layer of hair and pull upward. Secure this section of hair with a clip, giving access to the strands underneath. Like other types of hair extension, you should begin with the back part first.

    Step 2: Take out 1 very thin strand and pull into the hook

    Remember that you should only take very thin strand to go because if you take thick one, you should let the hair extension let into in 1 ring or microbead. You should use needle to do this instead of your fingers for the exact suitable amount of hair. After that, hold the strands at the near position with scalp , don’t let any hair fibers get out of your hand. Next, you use the specialized needle to pull out your real hair strands through the micro rings, beads or hook. Hold the strands and the rings together firmly, the hook or the micro rings should be located on the position that 1cm under your scalp. If the rings are too close your scalp, the comfortable will not be achieved because the hair comfortability often comes from the moving freely of the roots.

    Step 3. Adding the I tip hair extension


    This is the most important step of all process. You take out one of the I tip strands and use plier press on both side of the tip to make it flat for easy application. After that, you slip the straight I tip into the rings/micro beads gently, let 0.3 to 0.5 cm excess tip out of the rings to avoid falling out. Make sure to hold the hair down when clamping, do not hold the hair straight out, because your hair will stick out when you wear it down. Then you use the pliers to press on the both side of the rings to make it flat and hold the hair extension well. There you go! This is the first hair extension strands on your head.

    Repeat the process to other strands. Remember that they are in the same hairline, the same hair section but not staircase section like tape in. After that, you use the tail comb to take out other thin section from the hair part you’ve already clipped. Clip the rest again and you are working with another section. Repeat the process until you add up enough hair extension to achieve your wishing volume and length. To apply the full wigs with I tip hair extension may be cost you 2 hours. Some hairstylist start to cut your ends at this step to make the hair extension and your real hair blend well, don’t worry.

    Notice: This loops is sometimes made of copper or aluminum, which is not recommended for women going through radiation or chemotherapy. Choosing the right types of rings/loops/beads should be noticed before you buy the I tip hair extension.

    Step 4. Styling and your dreamy hairstyle

    I tip hair extension which is made from human hair is strong enough to suffer any hair style from braiding, ponytail, any texture like curly, wavy, ocean wavy or romantic curly and so on. However, you should be careful when using heating tool, don’t unconsciously apply the heating tool on the bonds because almost the bonds are not heating proof. The heat from hair styling tool could make the bonds fall outs or deform.

    The best way to style the I tip hair extension is cold styling. For example, you could braid your hair trend color before going to bed and sleep with that. You’ll wake up in the morning with romantic wavy hairstyle. There are so many ways to cold styling your hair to achieve the wishing hairstyle with I tip hair extension which are discussed in later posts.

    If you cannot resist the temptation to use heating tool, heating protectant hair spray should be added when you style your hair. This action is not only beneficial for I tip hair extension but also for your real hair.

    All in all, those above is some basic steps to install I-tip hair extension, if you are finding a proper way to use I-tip hair extension, you shouldn’t miss this post. Or if you want to buy high quality I tip hair extension, please check Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!

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