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    Surely everyone has heard of the name Pokémon GO a few years ago, once a large fish in a small pond. Up to now, the attraction of this game still seems to be very terrible. Now, I want to give you a new look at this game as it has really improved significantly and has richer content than ever. Continue reading below!

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    Starting the game you will be able to choose your own character (male or female). Then customize your character's accessories, including pants, shirts, shoes, and hats for your character. All of these items are available in the game, and when you finish crafting your character, you'll be taken to a map.

    When you move, the game character will also move with you ; the places you go to are on the actual map, and so to speak, a different version of the Google map. If Pokémon appear on the way, they will be displayed on the map; you just need to click on one of the currently visible Pokémon, the camera will open and you will see the Pokémon right in front of your eyes.


    There are 2 ways to catch Pokémon:

    • The first way : just swipe straight on the Pokémon or drop slightly higher on the Pokémon in flight;

    • Option 2 : You have to use more techniques; You rotate the ball in a circle until the ball glows and tilts a little. While this technique will catch Pokémon more accurately, it requires a very high pitching technique. If you don't have this technique, try the simplest pitching technique!
    Types of Pokémon
    You will encounter many types of Pokémon as follows:

    • Starting Pokémon : The player will encounter this Pokémon when they first arrive in an area;

    • Ancient Pokémon: This Pokémon is only obtained by resurrecting a fossil.
      Baby Pokémon: Wanted mainly by breeding their evolved forms;

    • Legendary Pokémon : A species of Pokémon associated with the legend of the Pokémon world;

    • Ultra Beast : This breed comes from another dimension.
    In addition, in the Pokemon GO Hack, there are 18 main types and there are some popular types that you see such as:

    • Normal : These Pokémon are very popular; they appear so large, you can see them anywhere. Normal-type Pokémon have 22 species;

    • Water : Water-type Pokémon often appear in places with water such as rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, shores, etc. Especially when it rains; This type of Pokémon is easy to see. This system has a total of 32 species;

    • Grass and Bugs : Pokémon of these two types often appear in places with plants and flowers such as parks, lawns, etc. These two types, you will easily find them appearing together. Grass-type Pokémon includes 14 species, and Bug-type Pokémon includes 12 species;

    • Fire : They usually appear in warm places; as long as they shine on fire-type Pokémon, more will appear. This Pokémon has a total of 12 species;

    • Earth and Rock : Earth and Rock-type Pokémon often appear in arid places such as mountain slopes. In addition, some soil species often appear on farms, and some soil species often appear in tall buildings. Soil system includes 14 species, rock system 11 species;

    • Electricity : You will easily encounter these Pokémon in schools, industrial parks, etc. This system has 9 species.
    Catch Pokémon
    Besides collecting Pokémon, the necessary items for you to collect them are balls (Poké Balls). There are 3 unique types of balls that help you improve your ability to catch Pokémon, including Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master Balls. You can catch PokéStops on the go, you can find 3 types of balls at PokéStops or buy them at the Store. Also, if you're lucky, you can open Pokémon at this stop.


    When you catch certain Pokémon, information and stats are immediately displayed on the screen about their strength. Besides, if you collect any Pokémon, you will get some Candy and experience displayed along with that Pokémon's height and weight. The Pokémon Dictionary (Pokédex) always displays the necessary information and stats of the Pokémon that you have collected or transferred. Just click on the Pokédex; All information about the Pokémon you saw before will be displayed.

    Pokémon GO always has incentives for players by giving bonuses (PokéCoins), balls, etc. To get these items, you need to go to the PokéStops location on the map and use your hand to rotate according to the instructions; then you can get one of the items like balls, experience, bonuses, etc. Besides, you can still get PokéCoins through the gyms you've occupied; Every day, you will receive 10 PokéCoins, the more you exercise, the more PokéCoins.

    Play with friends
    Along with the friend feature, Pokémon GO apk allows players to connect friends, send items to each other, and more specifically, exchange Pokemon with each other. However, the friend list can only have a maximum of 200 people. This game will also measure the level of friends through the Friendship Level feature, ranking friends from good friend, great friend, super good friend to best friend. This feature will be very important as it helps players increase their bounty and combat levels in gyms or raids. It will be very useful when your friends fight together, win together, find and conquer legendary Pokémon together.


    In addition to PokéStops, the gym is also a place where you can get a lot of rewards when you challenge your opponent. Here, players use their Pokémon to fight other players. Each gym is marked with its own team colors (red, blue and yellow). On the map, if there's a white gym location, that's one that hasn't been occupied yet; you can go there to shoot that gym.

    If you're in the position of a practice room with your team, you can strengthen your Pokémon, and conversely, you'll have to challenge yourself to occupy that gym. Specifically, if you are on the blue team, you go to the gym that is also on the blue team, you can train your Pokémon, and vice versa, you have to challenge your opponent if you go to a different gym with your team.

    Graphics and sound
    Pokémon GO is well cared for in terms of graphics. With a beautiful interface and also very easy to use, neatly arranged, helping players get used to the game quickly. Clothing design, very cute characters. Along with that are extremely cute Pokémon, just like in the Pokémon movie.

    The AR gameplay makes the game new and exciting. The ability to interact with reality is high, making the player's experience more realistic than ever. In addition, the game also has many skill effects of Pokémon that look very eye-catching and make players more attracted to the game.

    In addition, Pokémon GO also has an exciting soundtrack. During battle, Pokémon skills also make sounds when you use them; Each Pokémon has a different sound, depending on their skill type, thus helping the player feel more interested and focused on the game.

    Download Pokémon GO for free on mobile devices
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