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    In the 16th and 17th century Thanh Ha was a thriving village. It was famous for earthenware that was sold in many provinces throughout Central Vietnam.
    Price ::680,000VND/1 pax

    Private Tours, minimum 2 adult


    In the 16th and 17th century Thanh Ha was a thriving village which was originated in Thanh Hoa province and developed vigorously in the later centuris, at the same time as the Hoi An port. This village made the bricks, tiles and floor slabs for the old buildings in Hoi An and the surround-ing areas. Nowadays many old buildings in hoi an need restoring and the Thanh Ha villagers are the only contractors that can pro-vide standardized bricks, tiles and floor slabs exactly like the ones when the old port town prospered.


    Kim Bong carpentry village is located at Cam Kim Hamlet. This village was formed in the 15th century and reached its peak in the 18th century on the head of scissors, slanting, desks, altars, furniture, cabinets, trays, and the like, are masterpieces admired by everyone. The style of Kim Bong carpentry is said to be the excellent combination between Chinese,Japanese and of course the talentest- hand of Vietnamese craftmen.Nowadays, Kim Bong carpenters still remain their traditional career. Although there have been many among them who have shifted to ship building and recovering historical monument or relics.

    Half- day programme:

    08:00: Tour guide will pick you up at the hotel’s lobby and go walking around Hoi An ancient town to the port where you will embark on the boat. On the way, you can enjoy and know more about Vietnamese daily life.

    08:30: Moving to Thanh Ha pottery village where you behold local people make a pottery product such as vase, pot, kettle, cooking pot,… At Thanh ha village, you also will be introducted how to make simple pottery products. It must be unforgetable memories when you are in Hoi An.

    10:00 Continue to visit Kim Bong carpentry village. Tour guide will introduce the history and culture of this traditional village and give you more interesting knowledge about ship-building. Besides, we also see handicrafts and sculptures.

    11:00 Take a break and visit some workshop making product by woods and buy souvernirs for your family and your friends if you like.

    11:30: Coming back Hoi An Ancient town and having lunch on the local restaurant.

    End the tour.

    The above price includes : Enligh and Vietnamese local tour guide , boat trip to visit villages, VAT.

    Excluding : Lunch, entrance ticket, Insurance and other personal fees

    Please note :

    - Kid under 12:pay 50% of the public rate

    - Group of 15 paying full: 1 FOC for the tour leader

    - Depart early on request


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